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Are you ready to elevate your tracks?

Whether you are just starting out, have some experience, or are a professional, I am here to support you in rising to your fullest potential.

Are you encountering roadblocks such as:

  • Finishing a song or writing a bridge?

  • Creating catchy melodies?

  • Opening up new chord structures?

  • Creating diversity in your album so that every song doesn't sound the same?

  • Arranging for a full band?

Have you tried to move through these challenges on your own and feel uninspired, stuck or like your going in circles? 

You're not alone. It's typical to go through creative blocks. Instead of giving up, know that I am here to support you in overcoming each of these challenges.  My offerings include production assistance, recording, songwriting and arranging.

For example: when writing a bridge, you may end up using the same chords and wonder why the sound is monotonous. I am here to help you uncover the elements that are holding you back, clarify the direction of your songs and add my creative expertise. Together we will elevate your tracks and feature your unique sound with dynamic chord structures, fluid bridges, captivating arranging, and more.

From studying music for 23 years, receiving a degree from Berklee College of Music, creating a successful music career and touring internationally with Nahko and Medicine for the People, I am honored to share my expertise with you.

And if you are craving some soulful horns on your album, the mic is hot and ready to roll! 

Styles of Music: Soul, Funk, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter, Gospel, Latin, Electronic & Classical.

Seasoned and Inventive, Max is an all-around Beast!
Not only is Max super professional when it comes to communication and timelines, but whether it’s arranging, laying down group horns or a solo, his musical sensibilities are always, always on point. When I got my tracks back from Max I was absolutely blown away by what he did!
I’m so grateful to have this powerhouse of a brother on the team and know that our work together has only just begun.
— Reed Grimm, Drummer/Singer/Songwriter

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